Traffic Engineering Services


Traffic Engineering is responsible for a wide variety of activities including:
  • Design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals and street lights
  • Traffic signal systems timing and coordination
  • Neighborhood transportation planning
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities planning
  • Traffic signs and pavement striping and markings
  • Transportation planning and development review
  • Coordination with local transit agencies
  • Response to citizen and neighborhood concerns regarding traffic

Traffic Data

The City and all other jurisdictions within the County of Santa Cruz work with the Regional Transportation Commission regarding traffic data, including count information. You can find maps and tables with the most recent average daily traffic information at the following link:
If you have questions, contact Adolfo Gonzalez, Traffic Systems Coordinator, at 768-3140.

Reporting Problems with Traffic Signals

For all traffic signals within the Watsonville city limits, click the link below to report the problem or call Customer service at 768-3133. After hours please call Dispatch at 471-1151. Please have the following information available when you call:

  • What are the cross streets where the signal is located
  • What direction of travel is the light out for
  • Is it a red, yellow or green light
  • Is the light mounted over the traffic, on a median, on a corner
  • What is damaged or missing
  • Are the lights out
Report a problem by filling out the form below.

Reporting Problems with Street Lights

To report problems with a street light, call Customer Service at 768-3133 or by email Customer Service. Have the pole number that is located on the pole itself and if possible, the address closest to the street light.

You can also report a problem with a street light by filling out the form below.
Report Problem with Street Lights