Sewer Projects

In 2007 the City of Watsonville retained MWH consulting engineers to prepare the Sanitary Sewer Capacity and Assurance Plan to identify areas subject to sewer overflows in order to develop a priority plan to rehabilitate and replace problem sewers.

Mañana Lane Sewer Project

.Mañana Lane sewer which drains residential neighborhoods and runs between Mañana Lane and Auto Center Drive where it is located on a combination of streets and easements is among the top priority sewers requiring replacement with larger pipes because of capacity problems that cause overflows. This project was awarded by City Council on 2016-09-13 to Bay Pacific Pipeline Incorporated in the amount of $1,486,310.

View the Manana Lane Location Map (PDF).

Update 12/14/17: Construction continues on the Mañana Lane Project.

Update 4/19/17: Construction of the Mañana Lane Sewer Project continues.There were some delays due to the weather.

Airport Freedom Sanitation Trunk Sewer Replacement Project

On May 14, 2016 City Council approved the resolution for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Application for the Airport Freedom Sanitation Truck Sewer Replacement Project. This project is estimated to cost $3,008,000. The City and the Freedom County Sanitation District approved a Memorandum of Understanding providing for equally sharing the loan repayments for the CWSRF financing.

The Airport Freedom Sanitation Trunk Sewer, which drains parts of the unincorporated community of Freedom as well as neighborhoods in the City of Watsonville, is subject to overflow under existing conditions during peak wet weather flow. This too was identified in 2007 by MHW consulting engineers.

View the Airport Freedom Sanitation Trunk Sewer Location Map (PDF)

Future Sewer Projects

  • Baron Court - 4/19/17: Quick Bid was done. Bid opening on 4/27/17. Project should be completed by end of May 2017.
  • Rodriguez@ Appleton
  • O'Reilly Auto on Freedom Boulevard
  • Nona Avenue
  • Pajaro Dunes
  • Progress Avenue
  • Union St. @ Maple
  • Loma Prieta - Work on the Loma Prieta Sewer Replacement began on November 27th. Project will replace the old underground sewer along Loma Prieta to Cherry Blossom. Glosage Engineering Inc. is performing the work.
  • McKenzie Court