Green Business Program

The City of Watsonville provides resources for businesses who want to pursue Green Business Certification. Find out how to incorporate green practices into your own business and discover how to conserve resources and become more efficient.

Monterey Bay Green Businesses Website

Green Businesses in Watsonville (April 2017)

Benefits of Greening your Business

When you green your business you:
  • Promote your business
  • Protect the environment
  • Get recognized
  • Save money

Program Participation

A total of 34 Watsonville businesses have voluntarily completed this rigorous certification process. In order to become a Green Business, the business owner must implement a host of recycling, energy conservation, storm water pollution prevention, and green purchasing measures.

The Green Business Program staff also verifies that applicants are fully in compliance with all local regulations by contracting the City's Source Control Manager, Recycling Coordinator, and the Air Resources Board. The certified businesses set an excellent example for other businesses. In Watsonville, the program has developed strong interest therefore resulting in a growing number of applicants.

Get Started

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