Wetlands Trail Education Kit

What are the Kits?

The Wetlands Trail Education Kit was designed for classes and community groups that would like to lead their own Watsonville Wetlands adventure. The Kit is great for all ages and requires NO prior preparation. Just grab and go to lead a successful Wetlands Trails Field Trip! The Wetlands Trail Education Kit is appropriate for K06 classes, after-school programs, and youth groups. Teachers will also feel confident leading their class on a wetland adventure knowing that they have enough supplies for the whole class.

The Wetland Litter Kit was created to beautify and make our community healthy. The Litter Kit is easy to use and it's great for all ages, classes, church and other community groups. It contains 35 litter grabbers, plenty of trash bags, microtrash counters, a stormdrain trash prevention poster, and cleanup safety rules.

Wetlands Trail Education Kit Flyer

Wetlands Trail Education Kit Contents

  • For Grades Pre-K-2nd: Plastic Binoculars (35 units)
  • For 3rd grade and above: Real Binoculars (18 units)
  • Binocular Lens Cleaning Cloth (1 unit)
  • Wetland Trail Scavenger Hunt Activity (35)
  • Sponge Erasers (15 units)
  • Dry Erase Markers (35 units)
  • Wetland Bingo (35 sheets)
  • Watsonville Birds Poster Book
  • Bird ID Cards (15 units)
  • Magnifying Lenses (35 units)
  • Laminated Trail Maps
  • Fake "Scat Pack"
  • Wetlands Metaphors "Gift Bag"
  • Wetland Song Cards
  • Wetlands of Watsonville Nature Center Flyers (1 per student)
  • List of Suggested Activities and Itinerary

wetlands Litter Kit

  • 35 garbage grabbers
  • Garbage bags
  • Picture of wildlife and garbage
  • Micro-trash counters
  • Litter Tracking Sheets
  • Cleanup Safety Rules to read to your group

How Can I Reserve a Wetlands Trail Education Kit?

Contact us at Watsonville Nature Center (831) 768-1622 or at naturecenter@cityofwatsonville.org 

Reserve a Kit at least 2 weeks in advance from when you would like to have the Kit. We offer a one-on-one Kit training with a City staff to help familiarize yourself with the kit contents and activities. Please let us know if we can offer you a training session.

Where Do I Pick Up and Drop Off the Wetlands Trail Education Kit?

You can pick up a Wetlands Trail Education or Litter Kit at the Watsonville Nature Center, 30 Harkins Slough Rd. (behind Ramsay Park). The Nature Center is open on the weekends. We offer a free 15 minute kit training so you can learn where and how to lead a field trip or cleanup.

Dropping off the Kit is the responsibility of the person who checked the Kit out. Please drop-off the Kit at the Watsonville Nature Center at 30 Harkins Slough Rd. (behind Ramsay Park). The Nature Center is open on the weekends. You can drop-off by appointment on a weekday. Please let someone know before you drop-off a Wetlands Trail Education Kit. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach us at (831) 768-1622 or naturecenter@cityofwatsonville.org


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