How Do I?

  1. Apply for a Stormwater or Wastewater Permit

    Learn about the Wastonville Stormwater and Wastewater permit system.

  2. Learn About Pinto Lake

    Pinto Lake is an important resource for the Watsonville. Learn about restoration efforts and general information about the lake.

  3. Learn About Public Works Events

    Events by Public Works & Utilities

  4. Pay My Utility Bill

    Find out what payment options are available to pay your City utility bill.

  5. Report Water Waste or Leaks

    Residents can play an important role in protecting our water and maintaining our water system. We count on you to help us proactively identify and report all types of leaks.

  6. Review Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to frequently asked questions involving the Public Works & Utilities Department.

  7. Get Rebates

    The City of Watsonville generously supports water conservation by providing free resources and incentives for both businesses and residents alike who want to help us meet our water conservation goals while saving money at the same time.

  8. Report Street & Sidewalk Damage

    Within the City of Watsonville, a property owner is responsible to maintain the sidewalk, driveway, curb, and gutter adjacent to their property in good condition so as to not interfere with the public safety and use.

  9. Street Sign Repair & Streetlighting Outage

    Traffic Engineering is responsible for a wide variety of activities including the design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals and street lights.

  10. Learn About Flooding

    Find preparation information before a storm happens.

  11. Report a Clogged Stormdrain

    We strive to inform our residents, businesses and new developers about the impacts of stormwater pollution and the best practices to prevent it.

  12. Report a Sewer Overflow

    Learn who to contact with sewer problems.

  13. Learn about Measure D