The Parks Division is responsible for:
  • 26 parks totaling 143 acres
  • Public areas around the downtown, City Hall, Watsonville and Freedom Libraries, and Gene Hoularis and Waldo Rodriguez Youth Center
  • 10 municipal parking lots
  • 350 street trees
  • 7 acres of street medians and planters
  • 8 tennis courts, 15 basketball and volleyball courts
  • 16 playgrounds
  • 1 skate park
  • Assisting with special event and sport field setup
  • Planning the holiday tree and decorating City Plaza in December

Parks Resources

City Parks
  • Get more information about each beautiful park in Watsonville.
General Park Rules
  • Park rules created to make your parks enjoyable for everyone.
Parks Amenities Chart
  • Table of amenities at all parks.
Slough Trails
  • Explore the wonderful slough trail system in Watsonville.
 Parks Master Plan
  • Learn about the future of parks in Watsonville.
Commemorative Tree and Bench Program (PDF)
  • Honor an individual or group while adding an important asset to a park.
Urban Greening Plan
  • Discover how Watsonville is becoming greener.