WiFi at the Library

WiFi is available at both the Main Library and the Freedom Branch - the connection to select is Library-Wifi

Once selected, this should automatically pop up a user agreement in the default browser on your device. If it does not automatically pop up, open your browser on your device to see if it loads. 

Once you finish reading the terms of use and click accept, you will be connected and able to use the WiFi.

Wireless Printing at the Library 

You can now print from your wireless device to the printer at the library. 

Click Here to Access the Printer Portal

How to send the print job through the printer portal
1. Select printer: Black and White
2. Enter an email address (this will be used to identify your print job at the kiosk)
3. Select document to print - click browse and locate the file, or copy and paste the URL if a website.
4. Press the green Printer icon to send the job
5. Release the print as you would if you were in the lab 
6. Go to our kiosk

At the Kiosk in the Main Library
1. Select "Release Print"
2. Enter email in corresponding area
3. Select the print job from list that you would like to print out. 
4. Select "Print"
6. Enter money into the vending machine. 
7. Select "Pay from Vending"
8. Print job comes out of the printer.