Out of this World (Older Children)

The Wild Robot book cover

The Wild Robot

by Peter Brown

Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there, and her only hope of survival is to try and learn about her new environment from the island's hostile inhabitants.
J FIC Brown
Lowriders in Space book cover

Lowriders in Space

by Cathy Camper

Lupe, Flapjack, Elirio customize their car into a low rider for the Universal Car Competition to win the cash prize that will enable them to buy their own garage. 
J GN Lowrider
City of Ember book cover

City of Ember

by Jean DuPrau

In the year 241, twelve year old Lina trades jobs on Assignment Day to be a Messenger to run to new places in her decaying but beloved city, perhaps even to glimpse Unknown Regions.
J FIC DuPrau  and  SP J FIC DuPrau
One Trick Pony book cover

One Trick Pony

by Nathan Hale

In a future where alien beings consume technology as a few humans try to preserve it, Strata, her brother, and a friend are separated from their caravan and, with a wonderful robotic horse, must fight their way back. 
J GN One
The Flinkwater Factor book cover

The Flinkwater Factor

by Pete Hautman

Thirteen year old Ginger investigates a series of weird events taking place in her hometown of Flinkwater, Iowa, beginning with people falling into comas while using their computers. 
J FIC Hautman
Mars Evacuees book cover

Mars Evacuees

by Sophia McDougall

Alice Dare is a twelve year old and she is evacuated to Mars to attend school and be trained as a soldier, but when all the adults disappear, Alice and her friends must survive on their own. 
J FIC McDougall
Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH book cover

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

by Robert C. O'Brien

When a little field mouse falls ill, his mother, Mrs. Frisby, seeks help from the other animals and discovers a secret laboratory. 
J FIC O'Brien  and  SP J O'Brien
The Scavengers book cover

The Scavengers

by Michael Perry

With a neighbor's help, twelve year old Ford Falcon learns to survive in the harsh world outside the Bubble Cities by scavenging for items to use or trade - skills she needs when her parents unexpectedly go missing.
J FIC Perry
Fuzzy Mud book cover

Fuzzy Mud

by Louis Sachar

Tamaya Dhilwaddi and Marshall Walsh walk to and from school together since elementary school. But their routine is disrupted when bully Chat Wilson starts a fight with Marshall. To avoid Chad, Marshall and Tamaya take a shortcut home through the off-limits woods. They are soon lost, and they find trouble. More trouble than anyone could imagine. 
J FIC Sachar
Frank Einstein book cover

Frank Einstein (Series)

by Jon Scieszka

Frank Einstein (kid-genius scientist and inventor) and his best friend, Watson, along with intelligent robots Klink and Klank often find themselves in competition with T. Edison, their classmate and arch rival, in this fun chapter book series. 
J FIC Scieszka  and SP J FIC Scieszka
Space Dumplins book cover

Space Dumplins

by Craig Thompson

Violet Marlocke sets out with a group of misfit friends on an outer space mission to save her father who has gone missing during a hazardous job, leading them all into an adventure filled with aliens and spaceships. 
J GN Space