Around Our Planet and Great Places On It

Older Than Dirty book cover

Older Than Dirt: A Wild but True History of Earth

by Don Brown

Sibert-Honor winner Don Brown brings us a graphic novel about world geology. Perfect for science class as well as anyone curious about our globe, a humble groundhog guides us on a tour through the planet's natural history and describes the different stages of Earth's evolution as well as the incredible natural forces constantly at work.
JN 551.7 Brown
Life on Surtsey book cover

Life on Surtsey: Iceland's Upstart Island

by Loree Griffin Burns

In this addition to the Scientists in the Field series, readers join scientists as they tackle something unusual in the world of ecosystems: colonization. Not a colonization by people, but one of cells, seeds, spores, and other life forms that bow in, fly in, float in, and struggle to survive on the beautiful but harsh new island of Surtsey. 
JN 577.52 Burns
Grand Canyon book cover

Grand Canyon

by Jason Chin

A stunningly illustrated story of a magical father-daughter hike. The duo's daylong trek out of the magnificent land form becomes a journey through time, as discoveries along the trail transport the girl to various eras in the canyon's creation. 
JN 557.9132 Chin
In the Red Canoe book cover

In the Red Canoe

by Leslie Davidson

A grandfather and his granddaughter take a canoe ride to revel in the beauty of nature that is all around them. 
PB Davidson
Tall Tall Tree book cover

Tall Tall Tree

by Anthony Fredericks

High in a redwood tree is an unseen world of all kinds of animals. Readers will meet them through rhyming verses as they count them 1 to 10. 
JN 591.734 Fredericks
All Around Us book cover

All Around Us

by Xelena Gonzalez

Finding circles everywhere, a grandfather and his granddaughter meditate on the cycles of life and nature.
PB Gonzalez
Here We Are book cover

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

by Oliver Jeffers

Insightfully sweet, with a gentle humor and poignancy, here is Oliver Jeffers' user's guide to life on Earth. He created it specially for his son, yet with a universality that embraces all children and their parents. Be it a complex view of our planet's terrain (bumpy, sharp, wet), a deep look at our place in space (it's big), or a guide to all of humanity (don't be fooled, we are all people), Oliver's signature wit and humor combine with a value system of kindness and tolerance to create a must-have book for parents. 
PB Jeffers
Wolf Island book cover

Wolf Island

by Ian McAllister

Tells the story of a wolf who swims to an island in the Great Bear Rain forest off the coast of British Columbia.
JN 599.773 McAllister 
A Different Pond book cover

A Different Pond

by Bao Phi

As a young boy, Bao Phi awoke early, hours before his father's long workday began, to fish on the shores of a small pond in Minneapolis. Unlike many other anglers, Bao and his father fished for food, not recreation. Between hope-filled casts, Bao's father told him about a different pond in their homeland of Vietnam. 
PB Phi
Looking Closely in the Rain Forest book cover

Looking Closely in the Rain Forest

by Frank Sarafini

Through the magic of close-up photography, the author firsts asks the reader to identify an object found in a rain forest in a super close-up picture, with the next page revealing the entire picture.
JN 578.734 Sarafini
Thank You Earth book cover

Thank You Earth: Love Letter to Our Planet

by April Pulley Sayre

April Pulley Sayre, award-winning photographer and acclaimed author of more than sixty-five books, introduces concepts of science, nature, and language arts through stunning photographs and a poetic text structured as a simple thank-you note. 
PB Sayre
If the World Were a Village book cover

If the World Were a Village

by David J. Smith

By narrowing down the world's population to a village of one hundred people, the author offers up some surprising statistics about religion, food, water, nationalities, language, age, and education. 
JN 306.4 Smith
Earth Verse book cover

Earth Verse: Haiku from the Ground Up

by Sally M. Walker

A collection of haiku poems celebrate the planet Earth, including such topics as rocks, earthquakes, fossils, volcanoes, and the water cycle. 
JN 811.54 Walker