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The project team is well underway on the Watsonville Municipal Airport Master Plan Update (MPU). The first Planning Review Committee (PRC) meeting was held in January 2021 to review the Inventory of Existing Conditions chapter and discuss the overall study process as well as upcoming tasks including Forecasts and Facility Requirements. The project team spent time getting to know Watsonville Airport – the history, infrastructure, users, and needs and desires – to better inform the ultimate outcome of the MPU. The project team is wrapping up the forecast effort which must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We’ve also started reviewing the ultimate needs of the Airport based on the draft forecasts to evaluate the facility requirements. This information and the next steps of the project will be presented to the PRC and the public in Spring 2021. 

Please keep checking the website for a future post regarding the date of the public meeting and more information on the study’s progress. 

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