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On this page, you will find current Request for Proposals (RFPs) related to the Parks and Community Services Department. To view City-wide Request for Bids (construction and public works projects), please visit our Bids & Proposal page.

Current RFPs

Parks and Community Services Strategic Plan and Ramsay Park and City Plaza Concept Plans

The City of Watsonville is inviting all interested and qualified landscape architectural or park planning teams with proven experience in recreation facility planning, community outreach, recreation program assessment, financial analysis, and organizational analysis. The required services and performance conditions are described in the Scope of Work. This set of services will be awarded to one firm.

The selected firm will be tasked to develop a work plan using the scope of work in this RFP. The Consultant work plan should identify use of new technology (e.g. use of web for plan progress, online meeting and feedback software, use of infographics) for effective communication and maximum stakeholder involvement while minimizing Strategic Plan and Conceptual Design development costs.

Questions regarding this RFP should be submitted in writing and directed to Nick Calubaquib, Parks and Community Services Director, via e-mail at, no later than November 2, 2018. As necessary, responses to questions will be issued via an addendum and posted to this page. 

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