Storytime Kits

Missing Storytime? We are now offering take home bilingual storytime kits with recommended reading, links, and other activities. 

On the Go / En Camino

cartoon car on a blacktop road with cartoon space rocket at the top and text storytime kit on the go

Farms / Granjas

Storytime Kit Links & Resources - Farms with farm animals and a barn

Weather / Clima

Storytime Kit Links & Resources - Weather with a cloud and a rainbow

Magical Creatures / Criaturas Mágicas

Storytime Kit Links & Resources - Magical Creatures with a unicorn

Mountains / Montaña

storytime kit mountains links and resources fox reading a book by stream below mountains

Folklore / Cuentos Tradicionales

Storytime Kit Folklore Links & Resources with image of puppet pig and puppet frog

Monsters / Monstruos

cartoon monster and text storytime kit monsters links & resources

Superheroes / Super Héroes

storytime kit superheroes link and resources with skyline and superhero signal image

Construction / Construcción

a hazard cone and icon for tools with text storytime kit construction

Pirates / Piratas

marble background with pirate hat with skull and cross bones and x marking the spot with text storyt

Rabbits / Conejos

Storytime Kit Links & Resources - Rabbits with a rabbit reading a book

Friendship / Amistad

storytime kit friendship links and resources with many people holding hands over a book

Homes / Casas

Storytime kit : homes links & resources with image of house and leaves

Emotions / Emociones

storytime kit emotions link and resources with three different emoticons

What do you Hear? ¿Qué escuchas?

bunny playing violin with music notes and text storytime kit what do you hear links & resources

Beach / Playa

marble background with cartoon shells , crab and sandals with text storytime kit at the beach

Movement / Movimiento

text storytime kit movement links and resources with blue bubbles and person doing yoga pose

Spring / Primavera

Pink dandelion and small blue butterfly around the text storytime kit spring

Dinosaurs / Dinosaurios

marble background with large green dinosaur with text storytime kit dinosaurs

Reptiles / Reptiles

a cartoon snake and lizard around text storytime kit reptiles links and resources

Flowers / Flores

Storytime Kit Links & Resources - Flowers with pictures of flowers

Chinese New Year / Año Nuevo Chino

storytime kit chinese new year links and resources with paper lanterns and matching border

Snow / Nieve

Storytime kit snow links and resources with snowmen

Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month

storytime kit latinx & hispanic heritage month links & resources

Birds / Pajaros

storytime kit birds links & resources with image of bird on books and bird tracks

Splash / Salpicar

storytime kit splash links and resources with line of water and a frog

Bugs / Bicho

a butterfly ladybug and caterpillar with text storytime kit bugs

Garden / Jardín

marble background with cartoon garden and a blue butterfly with text storytime kit garden