Storytime Kit: Construction

a hazard cone and icon for tools with text storytime kit construction

~ Celebrating Construction ~

Tools by Bill Bremer
I Love Tools by Philemon Sturges
DIG! by Andrea Zimmerman
Construction by Sally Sutton

Colores, colores! por Calico Spanish for Kids
Construction Machines by Bounce Patrol
Red Says STOP! by The Kiboomers
picture of a red tool box with words "My toolbox" and various paper tools coming out of it
Tool Box: Print Out & Instructions
Practice Directions - Hammer goes up and down, twist a screwdriver, saw goes back and forth. 
Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child - Music that kids will love and parents won't hate. 

Learning App/Website
Truck/Tractor Game for Kids (Android / iOS) by GoKids!

Parenting Tip
Read Aloud Tip - Read with fun voices to make an old favorite book feel new again!