Vote from Home


Safety: For the November 3 Presidential General Election, every elections official in California will mail their active registered voters in their county a ballot by October 5 so they can vote safe at home. Voting by mail is simple, safe & secure. Click here for more information about safe voting using the ballot mailed to you.

Return: The ballot package mailed to voters will include an “I Voted” sticker and instructions on how to return your ballot safely: ballot drop boxes, in-person voting locations, and by mail. Your ballot comes with a prepaid postage return envelope. If it is postmarked on or before November 3 and received by the elections official by November 20 it will be considered received on time. Click here for more information on how to return your ballotCómo devolver su boleta en español.

Register: To make sure you receive your ballot on time, first you need to register to vote. The deadline to register to vote is October 19. You can register to vote online at

Check: If you are registered, you need to check your registration at If your name or address where you live is not correct, you can re-register to vote at If you just need to change your mailing address, click here.  

Track: You can now track your ballot every step of the way! It’s easy to sign up for Where’s My Ballot at After signing up you will receive an email, text, or voice call notifications when your ballot is mailed in early October and when it is received by the elections office. You will also get alerted if there is any problem with your ballot so you can correct it.

Remote Voting: If you are in the military, or living overseas, or a voter with a disability you can sign up to receive your ballot via email by requesting a Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail Ballot (RAVBM). This option has been expanded to all voters due to COVID-19. After you sign up, you will receive an access code via email. You can then vote your ballot using your computer, print your ballot, and return it in the identification envelope we mailed you or you can use your own envelopes. We will email your instructions on how to return your ballot. Ballots for military and overseas voters must be sent by September 19. The last day to request a RAVBM is October 27.

Vote in person: If you would rather vote in person, you may go to any voting location set up for the November 3 Election. In Santa Cruz County we will have 17 voting locations that will be open Saturday, October 31 to Tuesday, November 3 to flatten the voting curve. We will also have a mobile voting trailer so we can provide pop up voting where needed in the county. At these locations voters can obtain and vote a ballot, turn in a ballot, register and vote on the same day, or vote an accessible or Spanish ballot on the tablet. Elections officials will adhere to the public safety protocols including physical distancing and wearing masks, disinfecting surfaces and voting equipment, and providing hand sanitizer. Voters will be asked to follow these guidelines to protect themselves and to protect others. Click here for more information about in-person voting locations.

Voters with Disabilities: 

It is your right to vote independently and privately. Please call the Santa Cruz County Clerk's office at 831-454-2060 or TDD 711 or email with questions or suggestions about accessible voting in Santa Cruz County.

At the polling place

To check polling place accessibility, look for the wheelchair symbol on the back cover of your County Voter Information Guide mailed to voters 3 – 4 weeks before an election. If your site is accessible, next to the symbol you will find the word Yes.

In some polling places, temporary thresholds, ramps, signage, cones, and door props, are used to improve access to the facility.

Voting locations must be made accessible for all people, regardless of ability. Under State and Federal law, all voters must be given the same opportunity for access and participation in the voting process.

County Voting Presentations