What is a Bookstagram?

Bookstagrams encourage readers to create artfully arranged book collages to draw in potential readers. They are also referred to as #bookbentos because they are arranged neatly in a box, like a bento lunch box. 

Want to Join in and Make a Recommendation?

1. If you use social media (Facebook or Instagram) just make your own Bookstagram and snap a photo of it and post it. Be sure to tag it with #wplbookstagram so we can see it.

2. If you do not use social media and would like to participate, send a photo with your name to hannah.clement AT cityofwatsonville.org. 


Watsonville Public Library's #WPLBookstagram challenge aims to celebrate the love of reading through visual book reviews.

Murder on the Orient Express

Book (Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie) and gloves, passport, key, watch, in image


Book (Seraphina by Rachel Hartman) on table cloth with varied items relating to the book in image

Community Created Bookstagrams

We love these #bookstagrams created by members of our community with their book recommendations. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (R. Gutierrez)

Book The Very Hungry Caterpillar surrounded by paper cut out food with holes in the middle

Jurassic Park (I. Sanchez)

copy of the book jurassic park in leaves with a plastic dinosaur nearby