Califas: The Ancestral Journey

El Viaje Ancestral

View the artwork banners from the Califas Legacy Project in the windows of the Main Library
Starting January 2021

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Image: © CALIFAS: The Ancestral Journey / El Viaje Ancestral, 2020. 


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Window Displays

Watsonville Public Library  January 2021 - 
Santa Cruz Public Library   January 2021 - 

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The Califas Legacy Project grew out of the recognition that our region represents an opportunity to fill in a missing piece of American art history. The story of Chicano/a art on the Central Coast is decades long, rich and varied.  

In 1982, Professor Eduardo Carrillo conceived of the “Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California” conference to bring together artists, scholars, and creative social instigators to take stock of La Raza y El Movimiendo after several decades of political awakening and action. Together with Philip Brookman, Tomas Ybarra Frausto, and Juventino Esparza, he assembled a remarkable group for a multi-day symposium. They argued and agreed that the Chicano movement in all its variety and manifestations was very much alive and needed continued nurturance. 

Now, almost forty years later, the Califas Legacy Project features the art and ideas of our region’s Chicano/a/x and Latinx creative leaders, our elders in the movement and the next generation artists across the Monterey Bay Crescent.

The nine organizations participating in  the Califas Legacy Project are

Monterey Museum of Art 
Museo Eduardo Carrillo
Santa Cruz Art League 
Santa Cruz Public Libraries
Watsonville Public Library 
UCSC Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery
UCSC Institute of Arts and Sciences and UCSC Library Special Collections & Archives, with Moving Parts Press