Hames Reservoir Interior Coating & Connection Modifications

Hames Water Reservoir Interior Coating and Connection Modifications

The City’s existing Hames Water Reservoir is a 500,000 gallon coated steel tank located off Hames Road in Corralitos. The interior coating is due for maintenance. It was originally constructed in 1969 and the interior coating was previously rehabilitated over 30 years ago. The project will also upgrade the reservoir’s inlet and outlet connections to minimize risk of loss of storage during a seismic event. This project is anticipated to extend the remaining useful life of the reservoir which otherwise is in good condition.

Hames Water Reservoir Interior Coating Project

Project Updates

November 1, 2021: The City has completed the design of the project and will be taking the plans and specifications to Council for acceptance to bid at the November 9, 2021, Council Meeting. The current bid opening date is planned for December 14, 2021, pending Council approval.