Castillo's Shotokan Karate

Fred and Team

Students will be introduced to Traditional Karate Training: Proper Etiquette: As practiced in the old way - Spirit:  giving 100% effort all the time; Kihon( Basic techniques); punching, blocking, striking, kicks; Kata (forms):  Multiple direction movements utilizing the basics; Gohan Kumite:  Pre-arranged and controlled fighting with no contact allowed at this beginning level.  It is acknowledged that individuals learn at different rates, we are all different, but it is not a race to the top, just do your best.  Students can be assured they will receive instruction based on their individual abilities.

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Ages: 6+

Location: Watsonville Senior Center | 114 E. Fifth Street

Session 2 Dates:  February 1 to April 26

Time: 6 to 7 PM | Mon & Wed

Fee:$100R/$110NR + Material fee, payable to instructor