Graffiti & Litter Abatement Program

Graffiti & Litter Abatement

The City of Watsonville has developed a comprehensive approach to help combat graffiti and litter problems through education, abatement, enforcement and community participations. The Neighborhood Services Division works in close collaboration with the Public Works and Utilities and Community Development Departments to help residents organize and combat the issue of graffiti and litter.
Volunteers picking up trash on the side of the road

Graffiti Abatement Program

Residents are encouraged to report graffiti to our City customer service center at 768-3133 seven days a week. The City will respond and clean graffiti off public places. Private property owners are encouraged to keep paint on had in order to remove graffiti from their property as soon as possible. If you are interested on holding a graffiti cleanup, you can contact Neighborhood Services and we will work with you to identify areas in the City where you can host your next graffiti cleanup.

City of Watsonville Graffiti Abatement Program

Neighborhood Cleanups

Neighbors are encouraged to organize themselves to hold regular cleanups in their neighborhood, park, trail or sloughs. Neighborhood Services will lend your group litter pick-up sticks and safety vests, in addition, will provide you with gloves and trash bags. We will also work with you to design a flyer that you can distribute to your neighbors and promote your cleanup.