Conservation Education Programs & Resources

The goal of the Conservation Outreach and Education Program is to provide residents and businesses with information, motivation, and tools needed to conserve the natural resources managed by the Public Works and Utilities Department. This program has become a leader in environmental education through the continued support from City Council and our community since 1990.

A Program For Everyone

What makes this program unique is that it provides FREE services for all ages and sectors of the population with a multicultural approach. We use City facilities and local natural resources as teaching tools. We also use bilingual programs and materials and financial incentives to encourage conservation. Providing these tools along with information and inspiration is what leads to a change in behavior in conservation.

Programs Available

Wastewater Recycling Tour

Wastewater treatment tour photo

Availability: Coming January 2024
Grade: 6 - 12
Location: Wastewater Treatment Facility
Duration: 60 minutes


How did you use water today? Watsonville provides 6 million gallons of potable tap water each day to Watsonville homes and businesses. After we use it, it is treated using the latest technology at the Watsonville Wastewater Recycling Plant. Watsonville recycles over a billion gallons of fresh water a year which is a safe source of water for Pajaro Valley farms.  Engage students with local water careers and technology. Guided live in person or online by Marcus from Pajaro Valley Water and Tami from Watsonville Public Works.

Coming Soon!
Waste Reduction Green Teams

Coming Soon!
Watsonville Green Schools Certification