Fire Safety

  • Check electrical outlets. Do not overload outlets.
  • Consider installing home sprinklers. Purchase a fire extinguisher (5lb. A-B-C type).
  • Have a collapsible ladder on each upper floor.
  • Install smoke detectors. Clean and test smoke detectors twice a year. Change batteries at least twice a year (Use the Day Light Savings time change as a reminder).
  • Keep a whistle in each bedroom to awaken household members in case of fire.
  • Plan 2 escape routes out of each room. Teach family members to stay low to the ground when escaping from a fire.
  • Teach family members never to open doors that are hot. In a fire, feel the bottom of the door with the back of your hand. If it is hot, do not open the door. Find another way out.
For additional information on fire safety, visit the City of Watsonville Fire Department's website.