Public Works & Utilities

  1. Curbside Recycling

    The City provides recycling services to the Watsonville community as part of their regular garbage services.

  2. Garbage Services

    Learn about garbage collection in Watsonville, CA.

  3. Waste & Recycling Drop-Off Center

    Review the guidelines and fees associated with this facility.

  4. Yard Waste Collection

    The creation of a yard waste collection program complements and expands services offered to City residents.

  5. Bill Pay

    Find information about the utility payments with the city.

  6. Utility Rates

    Find out the current rates for sewer, solid waste, and water services.

  7. Water

    The Water Division is responsible for one of life’s most valuable resources: drinking water.

  8. Sewer

    Learn about the sewer system.

  9. Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Household hazardous wastes (HHW) are unwanted household products containing hazardous ingredients and labeled with words such as danger or poison.

  10. Street Maintenance

    The City uses a Pavement Management Program (PMP) to assist with prioritizing streets to include in maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

  11. Street Sweeping

    Street Sweeping is a vital operation under the Solid Waste Division.

  12. Graffiti Abatement

    Learn more about the responsibilities of property owners and the removal of graffiti.

  13. Storm Drain Maintenance

    We strive to inform our residents, businesses and new developers about the impacts of stormwater pollution and the best practices to prevent it.

  14. Trails

    More than seven miles of trails and 29 trail entrances in Watsonville neighborhoods offer many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of our special wetlands for recreation and relaxation.

  15. Public Education Programs

    Take a look at the public works and utilities programs, as well as important community information on emergency preparedness and water in Watsonville.