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Posted on: August 1, 2017

Take Your Household Hazardous Waste to a Free Drop-Off Location

Hazardous Waste Drop Off Locations_small

 Do you have products that contain toxic ingredients such as pesticides, auto products, used batteries or light bulbs sitting inside your garage or taking up space in your cabinets? Make space at home by properly disposing of these hazardous products you no longer need. These items cannot be placed in the regular trash or recycling bin and it is unlawful to pour them down the kitchen sink, toilets, or storm drains as it pollutes our environment. Residents can drop-off their hazardous waste with a certified retailer as part of their take-back program. Take advantage of these free drop-off sites and find a location n  ear you. Collect the toxic products you want to recycle. Remember to pack products in leak-proof tubs or plastic lined boxes to avoid spills and do not mix chemicals. Then safely transport your waste to the drop-off location of your choice. Below are the certified retailers that accept certain hazardous waste products during open business hours. Please call ahead to drop off large quantities as restrictions may apply.

Hazardous Waste Drop Off Locations

For safe disposal of other toxic products including pesticides, cleaning products, pool chemicals, solvents, etc., Watsonville residents can take them to the City’s Public Waste & Recycle Drop-off Center on 320 Harvest drive.

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