Posted on: March 5, 2018

Everyone Poops, Including Your Dog: Pick It Up, Please!

Lost and Found Dog Poop in Watsonville

We get it, dog poop isn't super fun to pick up. However, cleaning up after your dog is central to being a good dog parent, and we cannot stress how important it is to support the health of our watershed.

Everyone Poops, Including Your Dog: Pick It Up, Please!

You know that experience, where you are enjoying a stroll in your favorite Watsonville park, the Pajaro River levee, or one of our beautiful shorelines, just minding your own business, having a great day, and you look down and see a pile of dog poop. You can count yourself lucky if you see it before you step in it, but somehow you don't feel so fortunate having to avoid an irresponsible pet owner's left behind landmine. 

Or perhaps you are a cleanup enthusiast, you find yourself on beaches, sidewalks, or in our wetlands and sloughs, mindfully removing plastic wrappers and discarded cigarette butts that didn't find their way into a garbage can. If you are a cleanup pro, you know this culprit well... the already-plastic-bagged-dog-poop-that-got-left-behind. The intention may very well have been there, a dog walker picked up the animal's waste and wanted to come back and put it in a trash receptacle. Then they forgot, some time passed, and now you have found a plastic bagged dog-poop-present-surprise. It doesn't feel like much of a gift though, because now it's double the waste, polluting our watershed with two items, plastic pollution and dog poop. BOO!

dog poop fail


Dog poop can carry diseases and bacteria that spread illness among humans and our local wildlife. Dog poop is considered a persistent pollutant in our stormwater, and a nuisance for those who enjoy our public, open spaces. It's also giving dogs a bad rap, which they certainly do not deserve. If a dog could pick up their own poop, we are pretty sure they would. 


Never fear, the City continues to prioritize supporting our residents in their dog-parenting endeavors and we are counting on you for help. While the City provides parks with dog poop baggy dispensers, we understand that the solution is vigilant pet owners and their community making sure that no poops are left behind.

Here is a short bedtime story in case you forget: 

All living things eat. Everyone poops. Every dog poops. Every good dog parent picks up their dog's poop. Pick up your dog's poop, please. Remember a bag, pick up the poop, remind your friends and family. Thank you!

all living things eat

Everyone Poops

every dog poops

for real every dog poops

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