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Posted on: March 10, 2020

Maintaining Our Roads for Smooth Driving

maintaining our roads for smooth driving

Our Public Works engineering staff are working to make sure that our roads are smooth, safe and in good conditions

How do they know where to start? We recently completed a survey of every city street to measure the extent of cracks and potholes. This information was used to calculate the most efficient use of our limited maintenance budget. When this inspection was first done in 2000 our overall rating was 58 out of 100 (good). If no work was ever done on our streets, by 2019, the rating would likely drop to 25 (poor). But, during that 20 year period, we worked to repave streets and seal the pavements. The work paid off! By the end of 2019, our pavement rating was up to 66 (good). Maintaining the streets is constant work. This year, look for road workers sealing the cracks in the pavement to keep water out of the roadbed. Other crews will follow up with huge slurry machines applying a thin sealant to the surface, which extends the life of the pavement. This way we avoid having to re-pave the streets, which is expensive and very disruptive.


As you drive around town, please slow down and be aware of the crews who are working on the street. 

Repavement Projects in 2019: 

• Airport Blvd. between Nielson Street and Hangar Way

• Green Valley Road between Home Depot and Carey Ave.

Repavement projects for 2020:

• Green Valley Road between Carey Ave. and Corralitos Creek

• Airport Blvd. between Freedom Blvd. and 600 feet west

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