What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are roadways that are designed to be accessible by everyone: pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, AND motorists. Complete Streets are designed to be useable by anyone and everyone of all abilities, whether they’re 8 years old or 80 years old (or somewhere in between!). (click here for link to National Complete Streets Coalition https://smartgrowthamerica.org/program/national-complete-streets-coalition/)

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1. What are Complete Streets?
2. Why are Complete Streets being considered for Downtown Watsonville?
3. Was the community consulted on the plan?
4. How was the community notified of the project?
5. Who has been responding to the surveys and providing input?
6. What design alternatives were developed?
7. Why does the preferred plan show a road diet on Main Street?
8. Was a traffic study completed for the Main Street road diet?
9. What happens after the Plan is approved?
10. How much will this cost and how long will it take to build the proposed improvements?