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Public Records Act Request

  1. Requests for public records are subject to the California Public Records Act (GC 6270). Public records are accessible at all times during regular office hours and can be reviewed at no charge. To respond to your request in a timely manner, we ask that you provide specific and identifiable information. Copies may be provided in most instances upon request unless records are archived or not readily accessible. The City has ten (10) days to respond to the request. Requestor will be notified if an extension of time will be necessary pursuant to the Act. Fees for copies are based on the City’s current fee schedule. Fees for copies of records that are sent to a copy house would be the actual cost. All fees are due and payable in full before copies are made available. The requested information will help staff to accurately and efficiently comply with your request.
  2. Please include dates, times, locations and other information, which will help our staff expedite your request.
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